Chapter Awards

Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award was established to honor individuals within the industry who distinguish themselves by demonstrating exceptional achievements that reach beyond the bounds of the Chapter. This distinguished professional will have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the advancement of the Electrical Industry. In addition, this individual will have promoted and demonstrated their allegiance to our partnership with the IBEW. The service provided will be in the nature of an unprecedented and clearly exceptional manner. The outstanding efforts of this individual will emulate NECA’s Mission and Philosophy.

  • 2022     Rick McKinney
  • 2020     Kurt Brinkman
  • 2017     Peter Halver
  • 2016     Jess Zuniga
  • 2014     Don Campbell
  • 2011     Lewis Frain
  • 2010     Gary R. Walker
  • 2009     Eugene C. Gini
  • 2006     Robert F. Daoust
  • 2005     Terrell L. Givens, Jr.

Gillespie Award

The Gillespie Award was established to honor individuals for their years of dedicated service and outstanding contribution while serving the Northern California Chapter, NECA and the Electrical Contracting Industry. Lorin Gillespie began his career with the IBEW and completed his Apprenticeship on February 1, 1948. Lorin Gillespie took the next step in an illustrious career by becoming a NECA Contractor in 1978. While with NECA, Lorin Gillespie served on the Northern California Chapter’s Board of Directors from 1993 to 2009, as well as several committees in the NECA organization. He always served the members of NECA with honesty, integrity, professionalism and tireless participation in his efforts to improve the electrical industry.

  • 2024     Mike Boehmer
  • 2023     Brad Gill
  • 2018     Larry Woolstrum
  • 2016     Jody Brahmst
  • 2014     John Riley
  • 2013     Mel Switzer
  • 2012     Randy Baracosa
  • 2011     Ron Kunkel
  • 2010     David L. Smith
  • 2009     Richard F. McKinney
  • 2007     Lorin W. Gillespie (Distinguished Service Award)