New Requirements for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms

Beginning December 10, 2019, employers, owners and operators are required to comply with ANSI’s new A92 standards for mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP). ANSI/SAIA A92.22-2018 Standard for Safe Use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms addresses the design of new aerial lift equipment and ANSI-SAIA A92.24-2018 Standard for Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms provides an overview of required training for operators, supervisors and maintenance personnel.
The soon to be released, NECA Guide to Aerial Lifts (Index #5031-20), is a jobsite guide designed to assist members in complying with ANSI MEWP equipment and training requirements. This will be available in the NECA Store beginning in January 2020.