2022 NECA Financial Benchmarker Report

Trades are the linchpin between the design-phase vision of the facility and its actual assembly through the many systems, equipment components and finishes. Trades, the specialty contractors, add value to a project through the assembly or installation of these systems, components and fixtures that allow the occupants and owners to use and enjoy their completed facility.

This handbook was developed as a resource. The content is intended as a user guide with practical resources, lessons learned by others, examples, and guidance to allow trade contractors and specialty construction firms operating to adopt lean principles and reap the workforce and business benefits that follow more readily. To enable their adoption, the emphasis in this handbook is on identifying and using methods to enable your craft workforce and colleagues across the firm to support the key tasks with which your firm adds value to your projects.

The handbook focuses on identifying and linking methods and techniques from the lean community with the common tasks and waste that trade contractors regularly encounter on projects. Click here to access the report.