2018 Holiday Schedule

As we enter into the new year, a question often asked is which holidays are recognized in our agreements? Each agreement specifies holidays recognized and what compensation is required if work is performed.

For your reference, we have summarized a list of holidays recognized under each agreement covered by the Northern California Chapter. In instances where it is necessary that employees covered under the agreement must work, employees are paid at double the regular straight time rate of pay. Exception: The Local 595-E Motor Shop Agreement states that employees are to be paid two and one-half (2.5) times the regular straight time rate of pay where it is necessary for an employee to work on a scheduled holiday. Some agreements preclude any work on Labor Day, except under emergency circumstances and only with the Business Manager’s approval.

Another area that should be reviewed is Carpenter’s “Off-Days,” which means that if electricians work on a project with other crafts that receive premium pay for the Carpenter’s “Off-Days” then the electrician(s) shall also receive premium pay. However, if work is performed on a project where no other trades(s) receives premium pay, then electricians likewise shall not.

Click here to see a listing of the Carpenter’s “Off-Days,” and holidays observed in each jurisdiction.