Motivating Your Team

NorCal NECA is committed to individual growth within the electrical construction industry.  In 2023, the Chapter is continuing its quarterly Professional Development Program.  This program will consist of quarterly seminars to enhance member skills, leadership qualities, and problem-solving abilities.  Participants will leave each session inspired and have the tools to be more effective in the workplace, make meaningful contributions to their teams, and advance in their careers.  These seminars are free to NorCal NECA Members.

The 4th Quarter seminar will be “Motivating Your Team.”  This dynamic program will be presented virtually by Eric Herdman.

Morale, motivation and engagement are at an all time low, yet burnout is at an all time high according to Gallup’s Annual State of the Workplace Report. Employees need more than a warm fuzzy feeling and a paycheck. How do leaders motivate their individual team members and the team as a whole? In this course we explore motivating factors. Participants will discover how to continue to motivate or reignite internal and external motivators in their teams. In addition to motivators, this course covers techniques that will improve morale and engagement with their work, the team and their leadership.

After this seminar, you will walk away knowing:

  • Various intrinsic and extrinsic motivators
  • How engagement is defined
  • The key drivers of motivation
  • Why some of the tried and true ways of motivating team members are no longer working
  • Your role and your team members’ role in motivation and engagement
  • How ongoing meaningful conversations are key to motivating your team
  • How to use progress and effort as motivators to drive performance
  • Why and how to make sure employees’ opinions count

Eric Herdman is an accomplished speaker, business leader, coach and facilitator, who has been speaking professionally in-person for almost 3 decades. He has integrated his role as a virtual presenter for nearly 4 years. During his presentations Eric will entertain, inform, educate, and engage your audiences into action.

Herdman is an innovator in helping others grow. Building his speaking business by working with audiences and individuals has been at the core of Eric’s passion, since he started speaking professionally in 1996. Eric has also experienced the start-up and development side of business when in late 2004, he raised the $1,000,000 necessary to open a startup called “Red Rock Running Company.” He grew the business into one of the largest specialty retailers in the southwestern United States market, with exponential growth.

Eric is dedicated to orchestrating know-how. As a business owner and leader, his staff was trained and empowered to make decisions and deliver an excellent customer experience. His innovative advertising and social media networking efforts exposed niches for growing his customer base and fulfilling their needs.

As an International Professional Speaker, Eric’s clients include one of the world’s largest franchise health club chains. He is well-known for his know-how in servicing customers and training staff and helped them reach a $20,000 increase in revenue in the first month of using his strategy. He works with a variety of clients from multibillion-dollar pharmaceutical companies to top financial institutions to national associations and government agencies.